Shipping Straight Edges

   UPS Shipments

Box on scale

Box Sizes and Weights

We ship most straight edges that are shorter than 96-inches by standard ground UPS to any location in the USA. Straight edges that are over 96 inches are usually shipped by Truck. For a list of current UPS size restrictions visit www.ups.com  
Truck Shipments
 Longer and heavier straight edges are shipped by truck. The easiest way to make a truck shipment is to let your shipping department make the arrangements. They already know what trucking companies offer the best service for the lowest cost to your area. Truck shipments are shipped FOB from our dock in Springfield, Ohio, 45506 using freight class 85. Weight doesn't usually change the cost because the shipping weight for straight edges is under the 500 lb. minimum weight for most trucking companies use. You will find that charges and services vary significantly by region between carriers. In one extreme case, we saw quoted rates between $286 and $9,000 for a shipment to Alaska.
You can often save on shipping expenses by using your own freight account. Both UPS and FedEX have freight divisions that ship by truck. Your FedEX or UPS account number will also work for their freight divisions. We find that many of our customers have negotiated volume pricing rates that are much lower than standard Tariff-based LTL pricing. Please specify your preferred freight company (with account number) upon ordering. We prefer UPS Freight because unlike FedEX freight, they pick up the same day we call them.
If you are not using your freight account, straight edges are usually shipped freight collect from our facility. If you don't have an account with the shipping company you selected, they will expect to collect the payment upon delivery. Notify us if you are not shipping to a Commercial Location with a loading dock that is open during regular business hours. Trucking companies have very costly extra charges for any condition that requires them to supply extra time or equipment. Shipments to other than a standard commercial location will normally incur an additional charge of at least $110 for each restriction from the list below:
  • Inside Delivery: When requested, UPS Freight unloads shipments from or to areas that are not next to the trailer, such as shopping malls or office buildings. An elevator must be available to provide service to floors above or below the trailer.
  • Liftgate Service: UPS Freight provides liftgate service, if needed, to unload a shipment when loading/unloading docks are not available.
  • Residential Delivery: A residential delivery is any delivery to a location that is a home, including a business operating out of a home. An additional charge will apply.
  • Weekend Delivery: Normal business hours do not include Saturdays and Sundays. When arrangements are made in advance, UPS Freight will make deliveries on these days.
  • Holiday Delivery: Normal business hours do not include nationally recognized holidays. When arrangements are made in advance, UPS Freight will deliver shipments on holidays.
  • Trade Show Delivery: The freight's destination is a trade show site.
  • Limited Access: A limited access location is a site where pickup or delivery is restricted or limited. Examples include: churches, commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public, construction sites, fairs, carnivals, etc., individual (mini) storage units, military bases or installations, mine sites, prisons, schools
  • Pickup or delivery to such a location requires a pre-arranged agreement with the receiver regarding the approximate date and time of pickup or delivery.
  • Call Before Delivery: A request initiated by the Shipper for UPS Freight to call the customer as a condition necessary to deliver the shipment.
  • C.O.D. Delivery: When the amount of money (determined by the owner of the freight) is collected from the recipient before ownership is transferred.
Please notify us before shipping, if any of the above conditions apply. If any of these above conditions were not included in their original cost estimates, after delivery the trucking company will add extra charges to your shipment invoice. If we pre-pay and add your shipping costs to our invoice, we will bill you for these additional shipping costs resulting from your failure to disclose any special conditions required for the shipment. This is a problem with credit card orders, because we do not keep your card data on file. This is why we prefer not to pre-pay and add the truck freight cost to your invoice, because we are never certain what the trucking company you selected will really charge for the shipment until we actually get the bill for the shipment several weeks later.


Bottom line - If your item requires Truck Shipment. You will be contacted to make shipping arrangement using one the following options:

  • Ship using your freight account number
  • Ship freight collect at the destination
  • Quote freight and add charges to your invoice or credit card prior to shipping
Inspect your package carefully upon receipt, as any damaged to the package must be noted at the time of delivery. You have a very limited time to file a claim for damaged goods (usually 10 days) with most trucking companies.
International Shipments
We have made several international shipments, and are familiar with commercial invoices, wire transfers, and certificates of origin paperwork. We often make shipments to Canada. For other destinations we may require your specific shipping instructions or assistance to handle customs and logistics. Things usually work much better if we use your companies normal broker to arrange the shipment and the shipment goes EXWORKS. Many international customers ask us to ship to affiliates in the USA where they combine shipments into a single freight container.

cannot pre-pay and add the international freight cost to your invoice, because we are never certain of the total charges for the shipment until we actually get the bill for the shipment. Some freight companies will bill surcharges for fuel, warehouse charges, and custom duties. Unfortunately we have found that our customers are often unwilling to pay these extra charges.
Packaging Shipments
Straight Edge in Cardboard Box Cardboard Box
Most of our straight edges are shipped in custom heavy duty cardboard boxes with wooden ends. This packaging is approved for international shipment. The box measures (8" wide by 5" high) and is the length of the straight edge plus 4-inches. Straight edges over 96-inches long will have 1-1/2" high feet under the box for lifting with fork lift trucks. The weight of the shipment includes the straight edge weight plus the box weight (at 3 lbs per foot), plus 2 lbs for the ends and feet.

 Straight Edge in PVC pip

PVC Pipe
PVC pipe is another alternative container for your straight edge. Many of our units can fit inside standard 4-inch diameter PVC pipe. These low cost containers offer excellent protection and make a great moisture proof storage case. We do not ship straight edges over 6 foot in PVC pipe because the PVC pipe can bend in shipping and destroy the straight edge inside without any visible damage to the exterior of the package.



  Gun Cases & Other Sources

Gun Case will hold Smaller Straight Edges

You might also consider purchasing a rifle case might for holding smaller straight edges up to 60-inches. We don't sell these cases but sporting good stores like Cabelas sell hard gun cases designed for transporting rifles on airplanes. Their aluminum Muzzleloader Hardcase item #IK-216935 measures 63"L x 15"W x 4-1/2"D and lists for $130.
Another good online source for cases is cases4less.com as they handle Dosko, Pelican, and Storm brands of injection molded plastic cases. These smaller cases were also designed to hold rifles, but could hold a straight edge up to 48-inches and range in cost from $129 to $209. One downside to these cases is that if they are left visible in a car, theft could be much more of a problem than if you used a PVC tube.