Re-Certification of Straight Edges

We can fix or recalibrate your old used straight edge. Unfortunately, we have found with the experience of several well abused, rusted, gouged, and bent units, that we cannot quote an exact price for reworking until we determine the actual condition of the returned straight edge. There is a big difference between the costs for just stoning a nick verses the costs for straightening and grinding a straight edge that was used as a pry bar and ran over with a fork truck.
We inspect and complete our certification form on straight edges up to and including 12 feet long for only $250 each.  If your unit was not severely damaged, but does require grinding we can quote a repair price upon inspection. 

Inspection Certificate sample 

Our standard quality specifications for precision straight edges are listed below:
  • 0.001-inch from 36-inch up to 84-inch length
  • 0.002-inch from 85-inch up to 144-inch length
  • 0.003-inch from 145-inch up to 168-inch length
  • 0.004-inch from 169-inch up to 180-inch length
  • 0.012-inch for PaveFlat Units
  • +/- 0.019 inch for PaveFlat-3M per EN1306-7-A.2
If the straight edge you sent us for inspection fails to meet our standard specifications then we will call and offer you the following options:
  1. Certify the unit at whatever lower quality level it currently meets and pay the inspection charge,
  2. Rework the unit and pay the inspection charge plus the additional grinding charge that we quoted after examining your straight edge or
  3. Reject the unit, mark as non-conforming / certify "as inspected" and pay the inspection charge.
Our standard method for inspecting straight edges uses a certified granite surface plate with traceability to NIST standards. With the unit fully supported on the surface plate and resting on the qualified edge, we next check for any gaps between the two surfaces using a feeler gauge. The inspected edge(s) cannot be painted.

This method provides a visual indication of flatness and straightness plus measures the amount of deviation. This inspection orientation matches the normal position for most straight edge applications. Other physical dimensions will be checked using indicators, micrometers, or scales as appropriate for the tolerance required. Unless otherwise specified, the perpendicularity from the edges to the adjacent sides is not inspected. Each straight edge must meet the tolerance specifications as indicated above. We check all straight edges for the combination of flatness and straightness errors. This is sometimes called TIR or Total Indicator Reading.

We can also inspect the flatness and straightness of your straight edge using one of our optional inspection methods for an additional charge due to the extra set up time required. Our optional cost inspection methods are:

Option #1 - Unit supported on two points that are located 2/9ths (22.2%) of the overall length from both ends. The edge cannot be painted. This method minimizes any deflection error in the unit during inspection. Additional Charge of $125.

Option #2 - Unit supported on the broad side with the qualified edge vertical (great for saw fences). Only one qualified edge is available with plus or minus (+/-0.00X) the standard listed tolerance. The support surface (side) and edge cannot be painted. Additional Charge of $200.
We will use the same serial number for re-calibration unless the original serial number tag was unserviceable and had to be replaced. We may also touch up paint as required to prevent corrosion which may obscure the old tag and require the use of a new tag. If your new inspection certificate references a new serial number, then the tag with the new number was applied to the straight edge during the re-certification procedure. We can issue our "Notification of Serial Number Change" documentation upon request for customers who use the serial number for asset control purposes.

You will also owe freight charges for the cost of shipping your straight edge to and from our facility for re-certification. We will re-use the same box to return your straight edge that it was in when it arrived at our facility. If your box was damaged when shipping your straight edge to us, and cannot be re-used, we will notify you. Our cost for our standard new box is $125 each. Do not ship long straight edges to us inside of PVC pipe, because shipping damage from bending will not be visible to the trucking company. If you ship your shorter straight edge in PVC pipe, UPS charges extra for non-cardboard boxes. Our shop is located in Springfield, Ohio 45506. Use freight class #85 for calculating the cost of truck shipments for units longer than 8-foot. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange recalibration for your straight edge.